Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When Logos Go Bad

Everyone loves a good logo. Think of all the iconic messaging there is with just a simple line swoosh, three stripes, or a stylized “M”. However for every great logo out there, there are tons of really horrible logos.

We’ll start off light. These logos are simply wrong because they broke some basic logo rules. Don’t use gradients and bright, contrasting colors, make sure you can read everything, and whatever you do, don’t use papyrus.

These logos are just plain corny and dumb, and don’t necessarily do anything to connect the brand.

Now these logos fall into the category of accidentally sexual. How the client looked at these, and didn’t see anything wrong with them is beyond me. First off, oral.

Now, logos shaped very phallically.

Finally, penetrating logos.

Here's an example of the importance of leading and kearning.

Finally, my favorite is a logo that used an acronym in entirely the wrong way. Enjoy these and remember to check your logo before you print.

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