Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why We Love Coke

Coke vs. Pepsi. It’s a rivalry as old as time. Today, I’m going to show a few examples of the differences between the two just by looking at the general mood and feel of their commercials.

What I love about Coke (and apparently Coke Zero) is the strikingly visual ways they show all sorts of people just having fun. To me, Coke is similar to the Disney of soft drinks. It’s not edgy or super cool, it’s wholesome and makes you nostalgic for happy, good times.

Every Coke commercial places happy uplifting music over fantastic, colorful visuals that end in a happy way, whether that be getting the coke or a reveal.

Coke is a fantastic company and one of the few large corporations I respect and admire. I am a Coke drinker through and through and will always be.

Damn, now I’m thirsty. Looks like I’m off to the soda machine.

Now let’s look at a few Pepsi ads.

Cheap humor, celebrity endorsement and cameos, bright colors, and (in my opinion) an attempt to fit in with the young crowd in an unsuccessful way.

And this is why I love Coke. They don’t need cheap humor or celebrities. They get by and are successful because instead of copying pop culture and borrowing from it, they are pop culture.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why Placement is Just as Important as Execution

Getting right back into the swing of things, here are some great examples of when great ads go horribly wrong, just because of where they’re put. Placement is just as important as the actual cleverness and originality of the ad, and in these cases, the media buyers have ruined a potential great message. All these examples come from we luv great ads, a fantastic reference for us ad men and women.

We’ll start with some bad and just unfortunate placements of billboards outside.

I always wondered why by Drumstick tasted a bit like garbage.

Oh, and how did you get that nasty ol’ cancer? Oh yeah right.

This is great irony. The copy says, “If you don’t have Third Party Property Insurance we suggest you don’t hit this bus.” Heed these words friends.

404 error mean anything to you?

Yeah, saying mmm in the copy isn’t helping anything.

Yup, and don’t eat greasy fast food.

When the only thing that can quench your mighty thirst is anal penetration.

The next examples are what can go wrong in a digital environment.

I like to imagine that they’re drinking coffee while they see this too.

That’s just mean.

On route to Australia, on an Oceanic flight.

There’s just something about little ballerina legs.

Dead babies, plus fire.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy 100th Post!!!!

This will be my 100th post, and now that I am finally settling into a new job, new town, and new life I'm so happy to be posting this. This blog, although not popular by any means, is one of my favorite things to do week by week. If you are a follower, thank you and stay tuned, because I'm not going anywhere.

For this magical event, I'm doing something different. The following is a love letter to the internet.

Dearest Internet,

Thank you for everything you are and everything you strive to be. You give me so much; yet ask for so little in return.

I was so lost before I met you Internet. Really, I couldn’t find anything. Then you showed me your beauty with google maps, and mapquest, and even started to include pictures of places I wanted to go. You told me which bus, which street to take a right on, even how many miles I needed to walk.

You’ve helped me meet the right people in order to find shelter. You introduced me to Craig and his list of people, places, and things. You helped me find new roommates, sell things I no longer loved, and buy things at a discounted price.

You’ve been with me at my loneliest times. You’ve helped me broaden my sexual exploration showing me things I’d never even dreamed of. The words two girls will forever be followed by one cup for me now. You’ve even protected me from viruses while perusing your sexy offerings (although you occasionally let a pop-up or sexy email chain through).

You’ve made sure I stay in touch with those I care about. With the magic of Facebook, I can now watch all the people I went to high school with, get fat every day, not just every ten years.

You’ve even given me employment. I didn’t have to make a single phone call, or write a single letter. I was able to research and find the right job for me just by typing into your wonderful search bar. You’ve made me look good to a potential employer even in my PJ’s.

You’ve even helped me find romance. It’s hard to believe that the person, with whom I’ve been with the last four months, was first introduced to me by you, as an ill-fated attempt at hooking up friends.

You’ve been that cool friend who suggests cool music that only the super cool and super trendy knows about. You’ve even found a way to buy any of that music you recommended, no mater how outdated or obscure.

You’ve done everything I could ever ask for in a companion. The bad news is you’ve made me and thousands of others, so comfortable with your knowledge and convenience, that we forget there is a whole World out there. A World where we used to have to trust our instincts on which direction to turn. A World where you discover new music by asking a human at a record store what he recommended. A World where you go out, and chat with friends with real words, not just emoticons.

This is why I love you and hate you Internet.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gotta do a shout out for the boys

Anyone that knows me at all knows that Weezer is and will always be my favorite band. They’ve been with me forever and they will always be a part of my life, no matter how many times they disappoint or make me mad, I’ll always crawl back.

But on the hopeful news. I found this today.

It’s the new album cover for “Ratitude’ which comes out October 27th. Apparently Rivers found this picture in a user submitted contest in “National Geographic.” Although I was hoping, or expecting another color album I am hopeful of the new album. The single “ If You’re Wondering if I want You To (I Want You To)" came out August 25th on iTunes and although I’m not as excited as I was after hearing “Pork and Beans,” I expect good things. Good not great.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fast Food For Psychos

Here are some really cool art inspired by mascots for fast food chains. My personal favorite is the video game-esque, Wendy vs. McD. Check em out.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Totally Looks Like Another Awesome Website

This website is another great updated often with user made photos blog. The following were a few of my favorites.

Top Chef dude totally looks like Cornelius from Rudolph

Kim-Jong-Il totally looks like creepy lady from Poltergeist

Persian Carpet totally looks like Dr. Robotnik

Topanga from Boy Meets World Totally looks like Fiona from Shrek

Check it out and upload your own at totally looks like.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

WARNING! Prepare to be Very Unproductive for the Next Few Hours

Ladies and gentleman, prepare your buttholes because you are about to shit yourself with happiness, surprise and maybe even a bit of horniness.

Ever been bored at work, or at school, or at life? I mean really bored. Like staring at that same spot on the ceiling and trying to decide which Power Ranger it most closely resembles. Like trying to actually enjoy reading a newspaper bored. Like checking your old MySpace account bored.

Well then I have found the perfect cure for the Monday-Sunday bore. It’s called Nintendo and it is fantastic. Imagine being able to play Paperboy during that dull, hateful afternoon meeting. Think about blasting through a few levels of Contra while your Psych professor is mumbling throughout his lecture. Experience the wonderment of eating Pac pellets when you really should be studying.

The ultimate time blaster is this website. Not only does it have almost every classic awesome game from the NES (even Ducktails!!!), reconfigured to be able to play on your own personal computer without having to download anything.

Take a look at a few of the awesome game available to play instantly right now on your computer.

Also available are all those games you wanted to play, but didn’t want to have to shell the dough at a used video game store, dust off the ol’ NES or throw down 500 Wii points for. Examples:

Plus as if the pot couldn’t get any sweeter, they have a slew of old Game boy, DOS, Commadore 64, and Master System games such as:

Enjoy this website, but remember, use in moderation, and you didn't get it from me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wisconsin Winters

I complain a lot about the winters in the mid-west, and for good reason. They're cold, bitter and not fun at all. But, at least I don't live here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dude, I'm Like Totally on the News

Here's a really funny video I found of a guy reporting in a marijuana field that is being burned to the ground. Watch what happens to him and prepare the munchies.