Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy 100th Post!!!!

This will be my 100th post, and now that I am finally settling into a new job, new town, and new life I'm so happy to be posting this. This blog, although not popular by any means, is one of my favorite things to do week by week. If you are a follower, thank you and stay tuned, because I'm not going anywhere.

For this magical event, I'm doing something different. The following is a love letter to the internet.

Dearest Internet,

Thank you for everything you are and everything you strive to be. You give me so much; yet ask for so little in return.

I was so lost before I met you Internet. Really, I couldn’t find anything. Then you showed me your beauty with google maps, and mapquest, and even started to include pictures of places I wanted to go. You told me which bus, which street to take a right on, even how many miles I needed to walk.

You’ve helped me meet the right people in order to find shelter. You introduced me to Craig and his list of people, places, and things. You helped me find new roommates, sell things I no longer loved, and buy things at a discounted price.

You’ve been with me at my loneliest times. You’ve helped me broaden my sexual exploration showing me things I’d never even dreamed of. The words two girls will forever be followed by one cup for me now. You’ve even protected me from viruses while perusing your sexy offerings (although you occasionally let a pop-up or sexy email chain through).

You’ve made sure I stay in touch with those I care about. With the magic of Facebook, I can now watch all the people I went to high school with, get fat every day, not just every ten years.

You’ve even given me employment. I didn’t have to make a single phone call, or write a single letter. I was able to research and find the right job for me just by typing into your wonderful search bar. You’ve made me look good to a potential employer even in my PJ’s.

You’ve even helped me find romance. It’s hard to believe that the person, with whom I’ve been with the last four months, was first introduced to me by you, as an ill-fated attempt at hooking up friends.

You’ve been that cool friend who suggests cool music that only the super cool and super trendy knows about. You’ve even found a way to buy any of that music you recommended, no mater how outdated or obscure.

You’ve done everything I could ever ask for in a companion. The bad news is you’ve made me and thousands of others, so comfortable with your knowledge and convenience, that we forget there is a whole World out there. A World where we used to have to trust our instincts on which direction to turn. A World where you discover new music by asking a human at a record store what he recommended. A World where you go out, and chat with friends with real words, not just emoticons.

This is why I love you and hate you Internet.


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