Thursday, September 3, 2009

WARNING! Prepare to be Very Unproductive for the Next Few Hours

Ladies and gentleman, prepare your buttholes because you are about to shit yourself with happiness, surprise and maybe even a bit of horniness.

Ever been bored at work, or at school, or at life? I mean really bored. Like staring at that same spot on the ceiling and trying to decide which Power Ranger it most closely resembles. Like trying to actually enjoy reading a newspaper bored. Like checking your old MySpace account bored.

Well then I have found the perfect cure for the Monday-Sunday bore. It’s called Nintendo and it is fantastic. Imagine being able to play Paperboy during that dull, hateful afternoon meeting. Think about blasting through a few levels of Contra while your Psych professor is mumbling throughout his lecture. Experience the wonderment of eating Pac pellets when you really should be studying.

The ultimate time blaster is this website. Not only does it have almost every classic awesome game from the NES (even Ducktails!!!), reconfigured to be able to play on your own personal computer without having to download anything.

Take a look at a few of the awesome game available to play instantly right now on your computer.

Also available are all those games you wanted to play, but didn’t want to have to shell the dough at a used video game store, dust off the ol’ NES or throw down 500 Wii points for. Examples:

Plus as if the pot couldn’t get any sweeter, they have a slew of old Game boy, DOS, Commadore 64, and Master System games such as:

Enjoy this website, but remember, use in moderation, and you didn't get it from me.

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