Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why Placement is Just as Important as Execution

Getting right back into the swing of things, here are some great examples of when great ads go horribly wrong, just because of where they’re put. Placement is just as important as the actual cleverness and originality of the ad, and in these cases, the media buyers have ruined a potential great message. All these examples come from we luv great ads, a fantastic reference for us ad men and women.

We’ll start with some bad and just unfortunate placements of billboards outside.

I always wondered why by Drumstick tasted a bit like garbage.

Oh, and how did you get that nasty ol’ cancer? Oh yeah right.

This is great irony. The copy says, “If you don’t have Third Party Property Insurance we suggest you don’t hit this bus.” Heed these words friends.

404 error mean anything to you?

Yeah, saying mmm in the copy isn’t helping anything.

Yup, and don’t eat greasy fast food.

When the only thing that can quench your mighty thirst is anal penetration.

The next examples are what can go wrong in a digital environment.

I like to imagine that they’re drinking coffee while they see this too.

That’s just mean.

On route to Australia, on an Oceanic flight.

There’s just something about little ballerina legs.

Dead babies, plus fire.

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