Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dirty Disney

We all love Disney movies. Whose life wasn’t sweetened as a kid by watching The Lion King a zillion times. Who didn’t learn the lesson of not judging a book by it’s cover from Beauty and the Beast? Who didn’t learn what an erection was from Little Mermaid? Wait, what was that last one.
I’m sure most of you may have heard about some dirty little secrets from deep inside the Disney vault. You may have even heard that a movie was deemed so racist that it is impossible to find unless you own it from about thirty years ago (Song of the South). It featured a kindly old black man “working” on a Southern plantation telling stories.

And Disney’s racism doesn’t stop there. Need I remind you of a few unforgettable and completely stereotypical famous characters.

Proving that not all Arabs are evi…oh wait.

Just a Jamaican crab singing about how underwater, you don’t have to work.

Siamese Cats

What makes the red man red? Really!!??

And Mickey Scolding a young African American Boy.

And it doesn’t stop with the racism. There were plenty of sexual innuendo moments in some of the most beloved Disney movies.

Let’s start with The Little Mermaid, a tale about true love, wicked octopuses and an underwater kingdom full of… dildos? On the cover of the original artwork there is a tower that is strangely phallic. Real or just coincidence, you decide.

That’s not the only piece of porn in this little film. Check out how excited the preist is to be conducting the marriage of fake Ariel to the Prince. Watch closely at the crotch now.

There’s also a little movie called The Lion King that teaches kids to spell by having the dust and debris from Simba spell out “Sex.”

In The Rescuers there is a naked lady hanging out in a window behind the two fearless mice.

There is also a scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Where Jessica rabbit appears to have no underwear on. Sweet!

A few other classic Disney moments are in Aladdin there is a scene where
Alladin says something that resembles “Good teenagers take of your clothes. Listen carefully.

Beauty and the Beast there’s a dildo dancing with the candlestick in the banquet hall. This one has no visible proof so take it for what it is.

You know, Disney has been around for a while, but no can deny their impact on children’s lives. Although they may have some bad things, their still probably better parents than most are.

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