Monday, July 20, 2009

Want to Waste All Day On The Internet?

As if it wasn't easy enough to find enough useless awesomeness on the internet, this little program/website will help you find everything awesome online, personally customized to your taste. It's called stumble upon and it has officially ruined my internet life.

What you do is put in a list of your interests (movies, physics, music, etc.) and make an account, which is free, and with a single press of a button you have a slew of awesome webpages, videos, pictures just for you.

Here are the five stumbles that they gave me:

How to cook like your grandma. Perfect brownie, cookies and love recipes.

Synaptic Stimulus Art.

Nerdy Math/love comic webpage.

Web games to cure writer's block.

Photoshop Manipulations

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