Monday, July 6, 2009

Artery Clogging Website

After several hotdogs, potato salad, and other delicious 4th of July food, I felt a little bloated this morning. It reminded me of this website I saw a while back so I thought what better time then when everyone feels three or four pounds heavier with macaroni salad to take a look at why we are all so fat.

We’ll start with something light. Here’s a delicious burger, but instead of the boring traditional (dare I say) healthy hamburger, they’ve replaced it with delicious deep fried tempura. Fat.

This number is called “The Lord of the Rings” and after eating it you’ll be just as fat and greasy as all the fanboys. Onion rings, bacon, cheese, hot dog and fries. Oh and bread, just to keep it a bit healthy. Extra fat.

This one just looks gross. It’s three sunny side eggs, beans, red chili sauce, cheddar cheese, corn tortillas and hash browns. So you can throw up and have diarrhea all day. Super fat.

Here’s a Whopper, but that’s not fat kid enough. Let’s add a slice of pizza and eat it. That’ll teach those dumb, puny arteries. Marvelously fat.

You know what’s great about picnics? Everything. That’s why this may be the best of all Worlds. Lets take all that stuff from the potluck BBQ, and make a burger out of it. Oh Greg just grilled a cheeseburger? Got it! Marcy brought some macaroni salad? On there! Louis famous cole slaw? Topping! Nathan’s kosher dogs? Probably shouldn’t but it’s on there. Ultra fat!

What’s the worst part of a slider? The bun, duh. So why don’t we replace that with Chicken McNuggets. Spectacular fat!

After all that deliciousness, my sweet tooth is having mondo cravings! Plus I want some breakfast at the same time. How about a pancake, cookie dough, pancake, PB& J, pancake, chocolate and banana, pancake, caramel, Oreo, marshmallow, sprinkles and M&M’s, pancake, caramel buttercream frosting and topped with Trix cereal. Big-Time Ultra Super Fat!

And to finish it off, my personal favorite. The pizza pizza. Let’s take a frozen pizza, bake it and add our own toppings. But not like fresh veggies, or real pepporoni, no! Let’s add pizza bites. Ultra-Super-Mega-Incredible-Mondo-With Special Sauce- Tremendous-Beyond-Fat!

While this is a small list, the website is updated daily with great pics sure to make you feel bloated, so make sure to visit it at thisiswhyyou’re

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