Thursday, July 9, 2009

F You Nerds, F You

With all the shitty remakes and reboots of dead franchises out there, why oh why couldn’t this have been real. Legend of Zelda. This was released last April 1st. for a April 1st 2009 release. It was an elaborate April Fools Day joke by some big ass nerds over at

When I think about how cool this movie could be, either as one or as a big bad-ass trilogy like Lord of the Rings, it makes me giddy like few things in the World can.
Think about it man! I don’t normally nerd out on these things, but bear with me as I put on my coke bottle glasses, lift my pants up, and geek out about what could be.

OK, here’s my synopsis of how the movie would play out. The story would be loosely based around the Ocarina of Time series because everyone can agree it is the best of the games. It would start out in the forest with a younger Link who goes to Castletown on an errand and meets Princess Zelda by accident. Princess Zelda tells young Link that he is destined to be the hero of time and he must go on a quest. Now during this quest he would, like in the game, have to collect three gems, or shards, or whatever to finally do battle with Gannon. I like to think that at least one of these quests would take place in a temple and Link would have to fight a bad ass boss at the end of these temples. Once he goes through three very different temples, he gets the master sword, and fights of Gannon, or if it were to be a trilogy, this would be the break for the first movie.

Anyways, I could go on forever and it would only be exciting to me, but check out this trailer and think about how cool it could be.

Also, a fan of this trailer was so inspired by the prospect of a Zelda movie that they’ve made an actually, unofficial Zelda movie. Check out their web page and their trailer.

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