Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Christian Bale

What's the difference between Batman and Kermit?
Here’s a little something I found about some of the similarities between one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars and a cute green Muppet. It’s shockingly similar. Take a look at the dramatic range of these two Hollywood icons.

This is the 'I'm super sexy and mysterious, but also take what I do very seriously.'

Here's the 'I'm just happy being me smirk'

The 'I'm watching you creepily from a car outside your driveway'

The 'I wish I could quit you'

The 'Hot disco night studs'

The 'Hell Yeah I work out.'

The 'I make this look good on a fast moving vehicle'

The 'Actually, what I really want to do is direct'

The 'I can also do bat-shit crazy'

And finally the 'I know important hairy people in this business.'

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