Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Retro Week: Video Games and their Music

This is a double whammy post. Not only will we relive some of the coolest video games from our childhod, but we'll be able to hear some of the amazing music from these games, keeping in mind what was available, it's incredible what they could do with just bleeps and bings.
Enjoy the following.
Ducktales the game:
Not only was this game awesome, it was fun to play again and again. This sample is from the moon stage.

Who didn't love to balst away at pixelated ducks. The following is what happens when you "beat" the game. I always thought they should have a game when you just shoot the dog.

TMNT the game. This was the original game, not as cool as the sequel which was incredible, but still a great game that gives my brain the warm fuzzies.

The best game ever. Super Mario 3, this game is so classic. I once played a head to head battle against my friend trying to see who could beat it without using whistles. I won in the last three seconds. It was intense. Check out this amazing boss music.

I still can't believe this game was for kids. So hard!

Punch Out was so good. Here's Little Mac taking it to Mike Tyson.

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