Friday, May 29, 2009

A magazine with a social agenda

I subscribe to a lot of brain rotting, pop-culture junkie magazines that mostly just inform me about the latest Harry Potter movie, or when the next Weezer CD is coming out. That’s what makes it extra nice to get a magazine in the mail that makes me feel like I might be learning something. Good magazine is a group of talented individuals committed to the cause, whatever the cause may be. They’re magazine is a great way to get a Worldview of the current state of things. Recent features they’ve had included the percentage of the World that is connected to the internet and what Countries spend the most on clothing and alcohol (guess which one was the USA). When you subscribe you name your own price and can donate 100% of the subscription price to the social cause of your choice. So go out there and add some good to your mailbox and coffee tables.

Check out their main website here and subscribe by clicking here

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