Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Retro Week: Books

Reader beware you're in for a scare. My all time favorite series of books when I was a kid was goosebumps. It prepared me for my current love for Horror movies and Steven King, and to a lesser extent Dean Koonz. Great, quick reads with all the classic scary monsters and cliff-hangers, perfect for developing minds. I know whenever I pass a theme park I think how cool it would be if it was Horrorland. I'm still afraid of getting my picture taken and dying like in the Classic "Say Cheese and Die" and I'm terrified by ventriloquists forever thanks to not one but two sequels to Night of the Living Dummy. Thank you R.L. Stein for making my childhood a little more scary.
One of the best things about Goosebumps was the cover art, below are a few favorites.

And what better a time to show the intro to the often horrible "Goosebumps" TV show.

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