Monday, May 4, 2009

babes, beers, and balls.

What are the two things that every alpha male in America loves. Boobs and football. Now I'm not saying I don't like either of those wonderful things, but how dumb is this going to be. How exciting of a game could it be? Here's what I predict. The first game will have decent rating and a sold out game full of muscle-headed dudes who all told their wives they were going hunting and after all these viewers realize that you can see way hotter action at any free porn site, they will start to loose interest. I mean seeing girls in frilly lingerie beating each other up is great, but does it have legs? (Pun definitely intended)

Now could this have started as a legit attempt to get women into an actual football league? Was it something that started out as empowering women and then got in the hands of some chauvinistic television producer who decided to find the hottest, toughest girls and make them tackle each other in their underwear. (Actually typing that sentence got me kinda hot, so maybe they are onto something)
My other favorite thing about this whole new football league are the names. my favorites are Dallas Desire, San Diego Seduction, and Seattle Mist.
Yes it's chauvinistic, yes it's sexist, but damn it all it's going to be popular, and who knows, we may even see a nipple slip.
To see the roster and more kinky pictures click here.

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