Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Retro Week: Commercials; Fast Food

In part two of the 90’s commercial saga I’ll explore some fantastic fast food commercials. Some of these are strictly aimed at kids and some argue contributed to childhood obesity. Similar to the cereal commercials, I really can’t believe there are not tighter laws against this kind of advertising. I saw it’s still up to the parents to teach their kids to eat in moderation, but I love advertising. Regardless they’re still nostalgically delicious.

Burger King
This kid club commercial is extra special to me because I had a tape from Burger King of TMNT and this commercial played before it. I watched that tape until it wore out.

Wendy’s: We miss you Dave Thomas. Your whore of a daughter is ruining your legacy.

Taco Bell
I believe this one is the first one to feature the dog that would one day be in every blonde girls purse.

And this is just classic.

Pizza Hut: Pizza Head, what a classic, classic original idea. Totally not ripping off any long running popular SNL skit.

Jack in the Box: Without Jack, this is a very sexy fast food joint.

Quiznos: Great advertising at work I suppose. Still gives me the creeps.

McDonalds: The king of them all. There are so many puns in this one it’s amazing.

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  1. I completely forgot about that Burger King Kids Club commercial at the beginning of the TMNT VHS. Oh man. Which one did you have? I had "April Fool's Day", where April was captured at a banquet or something and it was up to the turtles to save the day!