Friday, August 21, 2009

Why Indiana Jones Rules

I was sick this past week, so to get better I turned to one of my closest friends. Indiana Jones. I watched the trilogy, steered clear of the horrible 4th installment and had a great time reliving my childhood. As I was halfway through Raiders I started to realize why this movie is so great. Every scene, literally every scene is chock full of characters, quotes, and scenes that are instantly recognizable and memorable. The movie is like a photo album of my childhood, remembering individual parts and characters with delight and happy memories.

Check out some of these characters and quotes to give you an idea of the wonderful warm fuzzy nostalgia that made me feel better in my sickly haze.

Belloq: "Next time Dr. Jones"

Eaton: "Top men..."

Forrestal: Didn't make it

Monkey Man: The coolest pirate bad guy who ones a monkey ever.

Toht: "Oh, we aren't thirsty Froline."

Super creepy Indian Psychic who can read the medallion

And finally the drunk man/woman in the shot contest

These characters aren't all major characters at all and that's the point. They are the parts of the film that aren't major, yet still make the movie memorable and one of the best movies of all time.

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