Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Reason Why I Love Infomercials

I laughed when I saw the Sham Wow, I gasped when I saw the Snuggie, I even tried not to throw up while a crazy coke addict told me about his nuts and a slap chop, now there's the Shake Weight for Women. Kinda sexy, kinda ridiculous and all around a great find. This magical device strengthens lovely ladies forearms and tones and tightens the wrists and upper arm.
Opinions? I'm for it! Stronger forearms mean better HJ's for everyone!
Seriously, how did this product get through? Is it weird that I get more turned on by the animated girl with the weight? Is it weird that I get tingling sensations when they open their mouth and smile when holding this machine? Is it weird that this product exists? Yes, but keep on making me smile makers of infomercials.

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