Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pokemon for Adults

Let me start of by saying I am not a fan of Pokémon. I’ve never seen a movie/TV show of it, and the only exposure I’ve had was in the late 90’s playing Pokémon Pinball on my Game Boy Advance (with rumble).

This however is pretty cool.

The fine fellows at Pixelated Geek ( a web blog devoted to videos, comics, and all things geek unearthed these corporate logos featuring some well know pokemon. It’s such a fun idea, and a good way for potential designers to learn good logo design. Take something totally irrelevant and make a corporate logo. Genius idea.


Your World, Our Technology.

Pulling for You.


Treat Yourself To Something Puffy.

For When You Need Your Z's

The Green Thumb in Gardening

We'll Leave the Light on for You.

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