Monday, August 31, 2009

Master of Draining Junk

This fun little web tool makes an anagram out of your name using highly tuned, sophisticated space-age technology. Or whatever. Check it out.
It's a really fun way to waste a few minutes and to tell all your friends what their anagram name is. Mine is "Master's junk Drain"

Some notable names:

Angelina Jolie's anagram name is I JOIN ANAL GLEE

Lindsey Lohan's anagram name is HOLD INSANELY

Guillermo Del Toro's anagram name is GLOOMIER, TRUE DOLL

Chuck Norris's anagram name is URCHIN CORKS

Sylvester Stallone's anagram name is SLOVENLY STEEL STAR

Barack Obama's anagram name is ABACK A RAMBO

Luke Skywalker's anagram name is WEAKLY SKULKER

Try it out, sure to entertain. What are some of your favorites?

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