Thursday, August 6, 2009

Talk with Anyone Across the World

There's something very sexy about not knowing whose you’re talking to. You could be talking to a super hot chick from Brazil with a luscious behind who is pouring out of her clothes as she types sultry, brazen words to you from across the globe. Or you could be talking with a pre-pubescent boy with acne the size of kiwis.
That’s the beauty of Omegle, a service that puts you in a one on one chat room with a random person from across the globe. They could be anyone and you’ll never truly know.
You can also be whomever you ever wanted to by pretending to be someone as you chat. You can be a hardened criminal typing from his lonely jail cell, plotting his latest revenge. You could be a teenage girl obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. You could be an old man who yells obscenities and isn’t sure where he is and how he got onto a chat, but thinks he’s talking to his grandson. The World is your oyster on Omegle, enjoy it.

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