Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Worst Tats and Tramp Stamps Ever

Tattoos can be really cool. A cobra placed at the right angle, a kick as tat on your biceps can be definitively cool, heck even flaming dice on the right person can look OK. But what happens when you get people with little to know brain function who go into a sub par tattoo joint in Topeka Kansas and ask for, oh I don't know... a dick butterfly. What's that you say? What is a dick butterfly, well simply put it is a butterfly made of dicks.

Too much for you? Well lets say you are really into the Patriots. So much so that you want to get the former Super Bowl champs icon "Patty Patriot" tattooed on you. Lets also assume since you are a Patriot fan, you have little to no class, intelligence and money, therefor you go to a third tier shop and get tattooed by a guy named Stephan who doesn't really speak English, doesn't know what a patriot is, and can't really draw.

Or let's pretend you really hate Ray Romano.

Or love your daughter, your country and Star Wars. But is there a way to incorporate all three?

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