Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feel Good Music

Bowling for Soup/ Barenaked Ladies
Few bands can do what these two bands have done. To the average consumer, these bands recycle shitty, dumb pop melodies with corny lyrics and haven’t changed their style since they started. They wouldn’t make it on any top 10 lists, they wouldn’t be featured on MTV, and they certainly wouldn’t be on a poster in a den or garage of anyone over the age on ten.

However, here is where they come out on top over every band. They are in a band for, in my opinion, the only reason to be in a band. It’s freaking fun! Everyday, they go out on stage and play music that is fun, stupid and most importantly keeps them together, hanging out and having fun. You can tell whenever you see these guys perform, they are just out there having a blast. I’m sick of seeing bands that play and act like their life is so bad because they are pop superstars. How many times have you seen a band play that looks like they don’t want to be there? To be in a band is to hang with your best friends, make music that makes you smile, lyrics that make you laugh, and create something that can make other people feel good about themselves. It’s refreshing to see bands that don’t care what the critics and the so called music critics and experts say about them.

Some music you listen to do become more depressed, some music you listen to for dancing, and some music you listen to to punch 2x4’s. Bowling for Soup and Barenaked Ladies you listen to when you want to stop pretending your cool and just have a good, happy time. After all, all you really need is some ice cream and a hug.

Listen to this song and try not to smile, I dare you.

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