Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alice in Burtonland

Super trippy, super Burtony, and all around awesome. These are the first stills from the upcoming “Alice in Wonderland” being done by Tim Burton.
I love how fantastic the characters look, and Johnny Depp looks incredible and really dark. I love the Tweedle Dee and Dum characters, and overall if this is pulled of right, it could be amazing.

These look simply amazing and creepy at the same time, yet I am still wary for a few reasons. I loved the original ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ and was excited for the Burton version, only to be horribly disappointed. I also love the original Disney version of ‘Alice’ and am afraid that this movie will be as disappointing as that. Secondly keep in mind that Disney is the company behind it, so how creepy could it really be? I was really excited when I had originally heard of a movie adaptation of American McGee’s super creepy and evil Alice video game. I’d love to see a horror movie in the ‘Alice’ World, because let’s face it, everything about the story is freaking creepy.

Anyways, enjoy these pictures and just try not to get too excited about it.

American McGee's Alice Characters

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  1. I got all excited over Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well, only to be horribly disappointed. Thus Tim Burton must now be approached with my general movie caution of low expectations. How sad.