Friday, April 17, 2009

Sequels and reboots are the only thing keeping Hollywood alive

This year Hollywood will offer us a sampling of the best there is to offer, from years ago. There are officially 15 major releases this year (starting in April) that are sequels. There are also 16 major studio releases that are either remakes, or inspired by famous books, TV shows, etc. That means that in the nine remaining months left in 2009 there are 2.6 original movies for every 1 remake or sequel. Is it getting to a point that every movie that comes out now deserves a sequel. Do we really need another sequel to Alvin and the Chipmunks and Crank? Do we need to see reinterpretations of a sequel (Rob Zombies Halloween 2 is both a sequel and a remake of the original sequel, plus a sequel to it's own remake)? Do we need G.I Joe's to be ruined like Transformers were? Do we need a sixth Saw? Apparently now we are getting so into sequels that we are planning on releasing them before the originals are even released, Is this something we need to worry about. I know personally what I loved about last years summer movies were the amount of original movies that came out (Tropic Thunder, Step Brothers, Kung Foo Panda), easily balanced out with good sequels and remakes (Dark Knight and Iron Man). Is this summer going to be like summer 2006 where almost everything that came out was a sequel and horrible? Let's hope not, but here's to the lack of originality in Hollywood! Here are a few of the sure to be "fantastic" sequels coming out.

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