Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun facts through a podcast

During the past week I have found something that has changed my life forever. Podcasts. They come in video podcasts and audio podcasts. I'm a huge fan of the audio podcasts because they are essentially free radio shows. I currently have subscribed to ten of them, but for this week I want to focus on the one that has been the culprit in my most recent obsession. The podcast is called "Uhh Yeah Dude" and it follows two American Americans who recap a bunch of news stories from across the Countries. Their topics are all snippets of interesting, funny news. Most of their stories are useless fun facts, but man is it addictive. Some of their most recent topics include girl scouts getting beat up and Collective Soul playing in Dubai. Give it a listen and subscribe, it's free, and a perfect thing to listen to on your morning commute.
To subscribe go to Itunes, select podcasts, then audio podcasts and look under the comedy category. Or check out their site at Uhh Yeah Enjoy.

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