Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Best Of 2010

Before you scroll down to see my list of whatever I liked in 2010, a few points for you to consider.

1. I’m not an artsy dude. I’m not a critic. I like popcorn movies. I like brainless television and silly books. I can’t stand critics and movie buffs that can’t just turn off and enjoy a stupid movie.
2. This list includes music and books that may not have been released in 2010. But I discovered it this year, so fuck off.
3. Boobs and dinosaurs will always be on my favorite things of the year, therefore I felt it unnecessary to include in this list.


That’s right I’m starting of the year with books. Why? To make me look smarter than I actually am. However one look at this list, and all those notions will fly right out the window. Comics and pop junk rule.

Sandman Volume 1 Preludes and Nocturnes
Neil Gaiman

I’ve only read the first part of this epic graphic novel, but man is it cool. Super violent, super dark, and written by a super smart, super British amazing writer.

Batman: Year One
Frank Miller

Normally I say, Fuck Frank! I don’t like Sin City, I didn’t really like The Dark Knight Strikes Back and I hated The Spirit. This however was an amazing look into the caoed crusaders first year on the job.

Jeff Loeb

A great story with tons of villains and mystery. You’ll keep guessing who the mysterious wrapped up man is up until the final panel. There was a rumor that the next Batman film will be based partly on this story. After reading it, I sure hope that’s true.

The Killing Joke
Alan Moore

My favorite Batman comic ever. Read it for the first time and was instantly hooked. I love the Joker origin, the dark, evil tones, and the art style is spot on.

Scott Pilgrim 1-6
Bryan Lee O’Malley

The movie was amazing, but the books are even better. Love the Manga influenced style, love all the characters and all the great nods to classic NES games.

Heart Shaped Box
Joe Hill

Steven King’s son with a whole set of writing chops of his own. Really fun story about ghosts and obsessed, aging rock stars.

The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three
The Dark Tower III: Wastelands
Steven King

I read the first four this year, but these two were by far the best. I look forward to reading the rest of this series, but I don’t think it’s going to get better than that amazing house eating scene with Jake and Eddie.

Downtown Owl
Chuck Klosterman

I love Chuck for all his essays and musings on pop culture, but this is his first actual novel. It reads similar to Fargo Rock City, but has more sports and a lot more melodrama.

A Dirty Job
Christopher Moore

By far the funniest author I’ve read. This story is all about a shopkeeper who slowly realizes he is becoming Death. Takes place in San Fran and fits in with the city’s awesome weirdness.

Again, not all of these albums were released this year. I just discovered them this year.
In no particular order:

Mumford and Sons Sigh No More
Key Tracks: “Little Lion Man”, “The Cave”, “Winter winds”

Atmosphere To All My Friends
Key Tracks: “The Best Day”, “The Major Leagues”, “Americareful”

Aunt Martha CandyMaker
Key Tracks: “Carolina”, “Emilie”, “No Excuses”

Band of Horses Infinite Arms
Key Tracks: “Laredo”, ”Dilly”, “NW Apartment”

Ben Harper Both Sides of the Gun
Key Tracks: “Morning Yearning”, “I’ve Been Waiting For You”, “Never Leave Lonely Alone”

Black Keys Brothers
Key Tracks: “Next Girl”, “Howling For You”, “Unknown Brother”

The Drums The Drums
Key Tracks: “Let’s Go Surfing”, “Me and the Moon”, “Skipping Town”

Fanfarlo Reservoir
Key Tracks: “Ghosts”, “Drowning Men”, “Finish Line”

For Squirrels Example
Key Tracks: “Orangeworker”, “Mighty K.C.”, “Stark Pretty”

Girl Talk All Day
Key Tracks: The Whole Fucking Album

Gorillaz Plastic Beach
Key Tracks: “Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach ft. Snoop Dogg”, “Superfast Jellyfish ft. Gruff Rhys & De La Soul”, “Some Kind Of Nature ft. Lou Reed”

Hockey Mind Chaos
Key Tracks: “Too Fake”, “Work”, “Curse This City”

Jimmy Eat World Invented
Key Tracks: “Mt Best Theory”, “Coffee and Cigarettes”, “Littlething”

LCD Soundsystem This Is Happening Now
Key Tracks: Dance Yrself Clean”, “One Touch”, “You Wanted A Hit”

MGMT Congratulations
Key Tracks: “It’s Working”, “I Found A Whistle”, “Brian Eno”

The New Pornagraphers Together
Key Tracks: “Crash Years”, “Silver Jenny Dollar”, “We End Up Together”

OK Go The Blue Colour Of The Sky
Key Tracks: “This Too Shall Pass”, “Skyscrapers”, “End Love”

Tokyo Police Club Champ
Key Tracks: “Favourite Colour”, “Bambi”, “Gone”

Weezer Hurley
Key Tracks: “Trainwrecks”, “Where’s My Sex?”, “I Want to Be Something”

Wolf Parade Expo 86
Key Tracks: Cloud Shadow On The Mountain”, What Did My Lover Say?”, “Pobody’s Nerfect”

The xx The xx
Key Tracks: “Vcr”, “Basic Space”, “Night Time”

Broken Bells Broken Bells
Key Tracks: “Vaporize”, “The Ghost Inside”, “October”

Honorable Mention Songs

Ben Kweller “Wasted and Ready”

Spacehog “In the Meantime”

Blue October “Say It”

The Flaming Lips “Waiting For Superman”

Lou Reed “Satellite Of Love”

Cracker “Low”

Cee-Lo Green “Fuck You”

The Weeks “Buttons”

When I wasn't listening to the above mentioned music, this is what I kept bust with. Living alone these last few years, I have fallen in love with podcasts, just as something to make the apartment feel less empty. Here are my favorite from the year.

Uhh Yeah Dude

My first podcast and still the best after 250 episodes. Just two American Americans broadcasting out of their “studio” in L.A. UYD 4 Life!


Kevin Smith’s first podcast. What makes it great isn’t Smith, but Scott Mosier, who is able to rein in Kevin’s crazy ramblings and always come back with a smart, well timed quip.

Hollywood Babble On

Great way to get your entertainment news. Another one of Kevin Smith’s podcasts.

Comedy Death Ray Radio

Scott Aukerman hosts this weekly comedy show featuring a great cast of reoccurring comedians like Paul F. Tompkins, Bob Odenkirk, Jimmy Pardo, Nick Swardson, Tig Nataro, Sara Silverman, and Nick Kroll. Plus they all do voices. The funniest podcast out there.

Freakonomics Radio

Bite sized bits of fun and startling true facts.

The Moth

Real stories from real people. Including one fantabulous episode featuring Steve from Blues Clues.

Keeping It Reel: The IGN Movies Podcast

Movie news without the arrogance of Hollywood.

And speaking of movies, here’s what I liked this year.


Exit Through The Gift Shop
Funniest and most interesting movie of the year. Banksy proves he’s a genius not just in the art world, but in Hollywood as well.

Toy Story 3
Made me cry. For that alone it deserves to be on here.

Such a breath of fresh air in a summer/year full of sequels, remakes and movies based on pre-existing properties.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
It’s a shame this didn’t do better. The best literal comic adaptation ever.

Kick Ass
Very realistic, very graphic, and insanely clever. Best superhero movie in years.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Pt. 1
Potter movies just keep getting better. I’m sad to see this franchise go, but am thrilled to see how it ends.

How to Train Your Dragon
Totally surprised me. As sweet as any Pixar movie and as exciting as any action movie.

Creepy. Three words. Alien incest rape.

The Social Network
Thought I would hate it, actually loved it. Great acting, writing and a cool score by Trent Reznor.

Freaked the shit out of me. Didn’t know what to expect, but damn, what a scary movie. Even if the cover claimed will do to ski lifts what Jaws did to water, it was damn good.

Tron: Legacy
A very pretty and fun light show.


Prince of Persia
I was hoping this would be an unexpected surprise. It totally wasn’t.

Garbage. Just pure garbage. Something to do with the devil and angels, I think.

The Expendables
If you plan to make the best action movie ever, with all these top-notch stars, do not use CGI for fight scenes.

Nightmare on Elm Street
Better than it could have been, and I loved Jackie Earl as Freddie, but fell flat in the end.

Clash of the Titans
Pretty garbage. Hope the sequel is better.

Hot Tub Time Machine
Should have been hilarious. It wasn’t. Shame on you John Cusak.

Alice in Wonderland
Should have been amazing, but was more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory than Batman.

Cop Out
Shame on you Kevin Smith and Bruce Willis and keep trying Tracy Morgan.

The Wolfman
Worst movie ever. I still have no idea what happened in this movie.


Thanks for the last six years.

Breaking Bad
Weeds on Meth. The most intense show ever.

The Walking Dead
Only saw the first two episodes but they blew me away.

Bored to Death
Jason Schwatzman and Ted Danza are fantastic in this hilarious noir TV show.

South Park
Always great, this season was no exception. Especially the Facebook/Tron episode and the Cooking Show/Shake Weight episode.

Twitter Feeds
Following people on Twitter can be joyous or annoying. Here are the top people that didn’t annoy me.

Kevin Smith @ThatKevinSmith
Hella True Fact of the Day @hellatruefact
Edgar Wright @edgarwright
Peter Sciretta @slashfilm
Twitter Whale @TWlTTERWHALE
Oatmeal @Oatmeal
Doug Benson @DougBenson
The Batman @God_Damn_Batman
Sylvester Stallone @TheSlyStallone
Film Crit Hulk @FilmCritHULK
VeryShortStory @VeryShortStory
TasteofBrains @tasteofbrains
Roger Ebert @ebertchicago

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