Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why People think Online Ads Suck

Well, they do.

I work in an ad agency where we work in the digital environment. That means a lot of web banners, website designs, junk emails, and anything else that can live online. And I’ve seen a lot of really good examples of online advertising. In fact this site is full of awesome amazing ideas for online ads.
I know not everyone can do amazing cool ads with HD video and interactive fully designed games, but there is simply no excuse for this.

Let’s take a look at this. What is this ad saying? Here are a few interpretations.

Option 1

Hi! I’m a terrorist with bad credit. I live in one of the 50 states and I make shit for money because I obviously work for a gas station or the post office. The American Government has made me angry and now I must blow up one of your states. However, a recent grant was issued giving me $$ to help my loser ass develop a bomb to blow up one of the following states below. Click below to let me know which state you’d like me to destroy. I highly recommend Florida.

Option 2

Hi! I’m Joaquin Phoenix. Remember me? I was in Signs. No!? OK remember Gladiator? I was a dick in that movie, and I’m one in real life as well. Now I’ve made the awesome rapper to stop shaving, or caring about personal hygiene. However I’ve hidden from everyone to make sure my rap career starts in the streets. Can you guys which state I’m in? It’s not California!? See you on The Tonight Show Soon!

Option 3

Hi! I’m a dirty ass hippie. I’m super lazy. I used to live with my parents, but they kicked me out and told me to get a job. I didn’t and now I live in your streets with my dog, begging for food scraps and money. I use a dog and my dreadlocked hippie girlfriend to make people feel sorry for me. And guess what? It works. In fact the government pays me to do this. Click below to see what state you can find me. Hint… I’m everywhere!!!

Option 4

Hi! I’m a lazy ad person. I’m supposed to make this ad about some dumb ass government grant, but it’s Friday and I got tickets to Avatar. Let’s see, oh here’s a picture of a poor looking person. Hmmm there we go. Now, lets use 4 different fonts in 4 different colors, just to make it eye catching. Now let’s add all 50 states to fill up that bottom half. Alright! Now I’m done, let’s get stoned and watch some blue aliens. Peace Out.

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