Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New You

Every January, people start to care about themselves. After weeks and weeks of saying, “I’ll do it after the holidays,” they buckle down and try to make a change. At least for a few days. I too have fallen victim of resolutions that last 48 hours so I’m not going to even say that this year will be different, but regardless one of my resolutions is to make time for this blog so here we are the first week of January with a hope that I return to the glory days, when I posted more often than not.

Here are the top ten new years resolutions for 2010

* 1. Stop smoking
* 2. Get Fit
* 3. Lose Weight
* 4. Enjoy Life More
* 5. Quit Drinking
* 6. Get Organized
* 7. Learn Something New
* 8. Get Out of Debt
* 9. Spend more time with the Family
* 10. Help Others

And according to Spike TV here are ten resolutions for every dude. Pretty bro-tacular and dumb.

10. Be a better wingman.
9. Race a supercar.
8. Hit on a Supermodel.
7. Compete in an eating contest.
6. Tear your car apart and put it back together.
5. Hunt something that can kill you.
4. Do something you’d never, ever do for your woman.
3. Invent your own language.
2. Become a better self defender
1. Don’t back down from a fight.

And finally here are my new years resolutions for 2054.

10. Have an intergalactic three way.
9. Avoid radioactive humanoids.
8. Make it to space more often.
7. Loose some of my Pluto weight.
6. Be more tolerant of alien species.
5. Quit drinking moon water.
4. Learn how to speak Xynigiort.
3. Be more confident around Green women.
2. Pay off some of my space debt.
1. Kill more robots.

Happy new year everyone!

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