Monday, November 16, 2009

Space Water

Ok, so all weekend I’ve had something on my mind. It’s been bugging me ever since I first read about it and I can’t seem to get it out of my brain.

Water is officially on the Moon. Our Moon, which we have been to dozens of times, has water on it. Now while being an incredible discovery that will surely lead to much more research to learn more, there are a few things, that have me concerned.

1. One of the articles I read said we could now consider taking the moon water and use it for Earth. Why??? We have water on Earth. In fact it covers 71% of our surface. Do we need to risk destroying our crater-faced friend just to get a few extra gallons of water? Plus, last time I checked, flights to the Moon are a bit pricy ($100 million roughly) So unless this Moon water cures cancer, or is the real location of The Fountain of Youth (Which would explain why Pounce de Leon never found it), I see no reason to potentially destroy our planet for a few glasses of refreshing space water.

2. What if there are tiny little creatures in that water? They could be tiny microbial creatures, but what if there are like Space jellyfish, or sharks deep within the core of the Moon? If we did find life in that water, is it Alien? If it is that’s totally amazing and freaky-deeky.
3. Last time I checked the Moon has no Oxygen, yet my high school Chemistry teacher taught me that water is two parts Hydrogen, and one part Oxygen. Something’s not right with this. Is the inside of the moon full of oxygen?
4. If there is water on the moon, how many years til there will be a moon water park. Because that would kick ass.

I’m excited to follow this story and see what develops, and if everything works out as planned, we’ll al be inner-tubing some craters soon enough.

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