Thursday, April 8, 2010

Musicians are So Fancy

Did you know that along with Ipod Nano's, flip cams, and tons of other great swag at this years Academy Awards, there were also cat food appetizers? Fancy Feast had a booth where they gave away samples of their latest appetizers along with suede cat collars, heart charms, and flipcams. And what did they get. Tons and tons of picts and promotion from musics hottest celebs. Hotness still to be determined.
Check it out.

Creepy Dude from Black Eyed Peas

Does Fancy Feast come in Smokey flavor?

Do you think he thought it was a little pitchy Dawg?

Lionel Richy says, I'm getting a camera for doing this right?

Justin Bieber is only doing this because he made some girls cat cry.

You know what, Linkin Park is still cool

Don't call me a Golddigger

"How many Appetizers do I get?" asks George Clinton

Boom Boom Meow

Kitten Love.

Way to go Fancy Feast, seriously you've amazed me with your bravado. This is actuallt genius.

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