Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Advertising Doesn’t Matter to Burger King

Don’t rely on borrowed interest.
This is one of the very first rules I learned about in ad school. Don’t use popular culture to sell your stuff. This is just one of many rules I’ve seen broken by a major company with their advertising.

McDonalds is full of puns, all Pepsi ever does is use celebrities and Burger King just does whatever they want to do. Which as a creative stuck in a job where I have to follow the rules, pisses me off to high heavens! If I were to have presented this in Portfolio School I'd have been chastised and chased off with a pair of burning torches, yet here it is. And I bet it'll get all sorts of buzz and praise. Look I'm already sharing it myself.

This latest batch of BK creative does have a concept. Burger King is open late, but relies so much on Ad rule no-no #1. Still this is way better than their Seth Macfarlane cartoons or their overtly sexual BKwich ads.

Check out these four ads using the new batch of classic horror movie monsters.

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