Friday, December 4, 2009

Why you Gotta Be So Sexy Mr. Peanut?

Every once in a while a brand gets stale and they need something to add freshness to it’s less relevant brand identity. Such is the case with Sun Maid Raisins as they decided to make the raisin girl a bit “saucier.”

Here are a few more brands that needed to sex up their image.

"Damn girl! Why you gotta be so sexy with that strawberry"

"You such a tease you magic pixie."

"Your coffee is truly as sexy as your mustache."

"Yeah, teach me Spanish you dirty girl."

Also on deck are planned updates to Mr. Peanut (no!!!!) and (get ready for it) a new sexier and younger Foreigner for I Can't believe It's not Butter to replace Fabio.

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