Monday, October 12, 2009

Shit You Can't Regift

Let me first start out by saying I love Facebook. It’s great for keeping up to date with people far away from me, which is basically everyone now, and a fun way to stalk people without getting those pesky restraining orders. However there are several things about Facebook that I would be thrilled if they got rid of.

First thing I’d like to get rid of, are the Facebook quizzes. Sure at first I enjoyed taking a quiz to find out what horror movie character would kill me. Then I grew up. I don’t mind seeing a few in the news bulletins, some I even find humorous, but when the same person does thirty quizzes in a row and posts every single result, it clogs up my news feed and starts to piss me off a bit.

Second thing I hate about Facebook are the stupid gifts. Kara has given you a piece of sushi! Ben has given you a cup of coffee! Unless you’re actually giving me things in real life, I don’t care. And what are the rules for re-gifting and not giving back. Do I have to gather enough credits, clicking and annoying all my friends, just to give you a butterfly because you were bored at work last Tuesday and decided to give me a bumblebee?

Facebook might as well be called amateur night. Unless you’re a comedian and have aspirations to try stand-up comedy, don’t use Facebook to muse poetically, or try to write funny quips on your wall for people to “like (thumbs up). You’re not a comedian and you’re not a tortured poet, so stop pretending you are.

Finally,(though I could go on forever with all the things that annoy me about Facebook) people that don’t understand how Facebook works. There is a difference between sending a mail message and writing on your wall. It’s not hard to figure it out, so figure it out; it’s not MySpace for a reason people.

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